In fairness to all parties, this guarantee in no way relinquishes the responsibility of the consumer to maintain proper methods of care once the tree or shrub leaves the premises of Hillside Nurseries. If it is determined that there has been a lack of proper care regarding storing, planting, and/or maintaining a plant--and prompt notice of a problem to the Hillside Nurseries office staff has NOT occurred--we reserve the right to decline the guarantee. 

The following requirements to the guarantee program and related information is as follows:

1. There will be a one-time replacement or store credit for the purchase value of the tree or shrub. Should the consumer choose a larger or more expensive replacement, additional costs such as delivery or installation will be assessed.

2. The consumer must provide a proof of purchase. A receipt of the original sale must be presented to expedite our warranty procedure.

3. The office personnel of Hillside Nurseries must receive notification of possible plant problems.This will insure our ability to correct an ensuing problem and possibly lessen a loss. (i.e. yellowing of foliage, lack of new growth.) Plants displaying signs of stress are generally reacting to conditions that need adjusting. If ignored, the plant can die. Hillside Nurseries must be made aware of these conditions before they become a problem.

4. Trees and shrubs must be installed properly. See planting instructions. Our Garden Center staff is available to review our "Tree & Shrub Installation" instructional handout with you, if you have any questions.

Watering procedures must be followed to ensure success. Refer to our "Tree and Shrub Installation" handout, or view it here.

6. Any tree or shrub that fail must be returned to Hillside Nurseries for inspection to determine the cause of death. Trees and shrubs installed by Hillside Nurseries will be inspected at the site of installation.

7. In the rare case of a wrong flower color of a selected plant, it may need to be replaced at a time of dormancy or prior to the next bloom time
8. Discounted trees and shrubs (from spring through early fall) are eligible for merchandise credit only for the value of the sale amount.

The following items or conditions, are NOT covered by our plant guarantee:

1. Fall Clearance Sale of Trees and Shrubs.
2. Injured plants that are capable of recovery with proper maintenance practices.
3. Annual, perennials, vegetable and herb plants and any combination of the same into planters.
4. Rose bushes, tree roses, and vines.
5. Indoor plants and planters.
6. Living Christmas trees.
7. Damage due to pests such as rodents, deer, and insects, as well as diseases.
8. Non-flowering or delayed flower display.
9. Plants damaged by mechanical devices. (i.e. snow plows or snow blowers.)
Conditions beyond our control.

Hillside Nurseries guarantees that our plant stock is healthy and free of disease when they leave the nursery.
Should you have any questions regarding the health of your tree or shrub, you must contact Hillside Nurseries with in 7 days of purchase.

We warranty our trees and shrubs installed by "US" for 1 year from the date of installation. We warranty our plant material installed by "You" for 120 days from the date of purchase. 

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